May 25, 2015

searching for the meaning

Hello dear friends! 
Today I'm sharing a canvas Ι made for Lindy's Stamp Gang 

For this project I used all the sprays of the set, plus the Cosmic Pink Blue and Queen Sheba's Silver embossing powders.
In order to create a mixed media background I decided to do something different that usual: I put away my stencils and used a stamp with the two shades of embossing powders. I really love this bright effect and I'm deferentially satisfied with the result!
Of course I did a lot of painting and splashing with the sprays and had fan :)

I also prepared a video for you with the process! 

Here are some shots of the details... 

...and here is the video:

I hope you enjoyed today's project and got some ideas!
Have a lovely crafty time!

May 23, 2015

altered globe

Hello everyone!
Today I'm guest designing for ASSORTI with an amazing traveling challenge:
Displaying assorti5-15.png

I decided to do something different  than usual, an altered globe! I got so much inspired by the photo of the challenge with this small cute globe, that my mind went straight to a small globe I already had bought a while ago.

 Ι didn't want to change it entirely because I really love the earth colors and ocean blue, so I just used different alphas (some of them are turned into black with LSG embossing powder)
 to write my sentence on the globe and on the car and gold acrylic to paint the black base stand.  I also glued a button on the top of the base stand...

For the wood veneer car, I used a Lindy's Stamp Gang embossing powder to turn it into black and two different buttons for wheels. I also used some gold wire to place the car on the globe. 
That's all! 

May 18, 2015

making beautiful thoughts

Hello everyone!
Today I have a new challenge for you at Mixed Media Place!


Whether you're already addicted to drawing or a complete beginner - join us this month!
Don't feel obliged or pressured to create a masterpiece, your sketches or simple exercises are most welcome, too! Simply feel the joy of holding a crayon in your hand. :)

I love drawing on my projects! I do it every time I make a layout or a canvas and that's how I got the idea to make a challenge with this theme. In this project I wanted to show you some ideas how to draw on your pages in a very easy way.

I wanted to make sure that my focus is on the drawing work, I decided to use only my permanent black pen, some Lindy's Stamp Gang sprays, the  'Blue Grass' from Primary Elements, Copper Mica Powder with the Light Paste, two stamps, some wire and chipboard letters for the tittle. So, no embellishments at all and I like it!

First I did some doodling on a photo of mine and wrote some words on my blouse. I also made a few simple lines on the paper to expand the photo. Then I started stamping with the Peeled Paint stamp on top and over my head (because that's the spot where my thoughts come of :)

To create my flowers, firstly I made some splashes with the sprays and then I drew the lines with the permanent pen abstractedly, without much thinking. The stalks of the flowers are drawn with the plastic hose of the sprays - that's pretty easy and fun thing to do! Finally I made some doodling with the same pen, not complex things, just some sloppy circles.

I hope I have encouraged you to do some drawing :)
I can't wait to see your projects for the drawing challenge


With this page I'm entering the 13arts challenge 'Let's take a selfie'